Accommodating nature

Adorno: Culture Industry texts Bataille vs Theory Bataille on Miller Bataille and Mysticism Bataille on Emily Bronte Inner Experience Bataille on Kafka Klossowski on Bataille Madame Edwarda Guy Debord: Society of the Spectacle --shifting bits of junk and data trash to & fro--trying to feel connected in a postmodern world---- T. Adorno Derek Allen Walter Benjamin David Clowney Brian Massumi Simon Sellars Situationist International Mc Kenzie Wark adrift on a sea of information at a time when the world's night is a destitute time.

In the age of the world's night, the abyss of the world must be endured.

I have trouble coping in the technological mode of being of our complex digital world.(Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human) Cup of Chicha Identity Theory Popular Musing Pop Culture Gadabout reading and writing Radio Free Babylon wood s lot Culture Resources Australia Council Australian Network of Art & Technology Australian Studies Resources empyre The Format Collective au Sydney Society of Literature and Aesthetics Centre for Digital Discourse & Culture Cultural Studies Central Cyberspace, Critical Theory Pop Matters Romantic Circles Social Fiction Links Spike Magazine uk Culture Mags & Journals Adelaide Review Australian Humanities Review Broadsheet Mesh Art Daily Links Art & Culture Arts & Letters Daily Bad Subjects Ciac Culture machine Electronic Book Review Geist Image and Narrative Media-culture Modernity: Critiques of Visual Culture New York New York Review of Books Paste Magazine Postmodern Culture Representations Online things magazine the art life Artrift Arts Journal Michael Bérubé Iconoduel Ready Steady Book Philosophy of Art (the teeming void) Art Resources au Art History Resources Art History Virtual Library Selected Internet Art Resources World Wide Art Resources Zeroland: the arts on the web Art Galleries/Museums Aboriginal Australia Art Gallery of South Australia Australian Centre for Contemporary Art Bett Gallery, Tasmania Japingka Gallery, Freemantle Jinta Yappa Desert Art Gallery Helen Maxwell Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Nangara National Gallery of Australia Tim Olsen Rosslyn Oxley9 Gallery Saville Galleries Australian Aboriginal Fine Art Gallery of New York Christine Abrahams Gallery Guggenheim Museum Metropolitan Museum of Art Tate Modern Whitney Museum of American Art Artists Mandy Martin Francis Bacon Image Gallery Fluxus Online Tom Moody Photographic Commentary Altfotonet blog Big City Press blog Blurry Thinking Lee Grant Light Documents musings from the photographic memepool [the shallow end] 2Point8 Consumptive Conscientious Eye Curious Imag3 Little Brown Mushrooms Mrs Deane Muse-ings (Notes on) Politics Theory Photography Photographs do not Bend The Photo Exchange The Sonic Blog Urbanphoto 5B4 Photographer's weblogs/ Robert Mc Farlane Mocking Bird Elizabeth Avedon Shane Lavalette Journal lenscratch (old) Alec Soth Amy Stein Will Steacy Blog Brian Ulrich Shen Weis Two Looks Photoblogs/ The things I saw Neverhappen The Plastic Lens Scrawl Urban Light Brueospadana Daily Dose Dmitri Goutnik Low Revolution Spudooli terror kitten The F Blog Photographers Stephen Best Mark Kimber Murray Fredericks Lauren Hewitt Robert Mc Farlane Graham Miller Stravos Pippos Silvertrace--Sam Oster Mike Stacey Steve Wilson Phil Bebbington Stefan Beyst Edward Burtnsky Simon Norfolk James Natchtwey Amy Stein Photographic Galleries Australian Centre for Photography Centre For Contemporary Photography Huw Davis Gallery Light journeys Point Light Stills Gallery Queensland Centre for Photography Afterimage Canadian Photo-based Art La Pura Vida Catherine Edelman Gallery Photoeye The Photographers Gallery Zone Zero Gallery Online Photography Magazines Flash AG Ahorn Magazine Blue eyes Magazine Deep Sleep File See Saw Magazine Zone Zero Magazine Online Resources Altfotonet on Flickr Ballarat International Photo Biennale The Baldessin Press Big City Press Foto Freo Melbourne Silver Mine Oculi americansuburbx Flak Photo Fine Art Photography Matters Lens Culture London Independent Photography Piece of Cake photo bloggie awards Photoforum-NZ Photo Muse Weblogs Design Observer peter me v-2 Organization Designers Australian INFront Co Operation Of Ones Design is Kinky Inkahoots Jeremyville van Elst Kaliber 1000 Lounge72 M/M Paris Open Source Web Design Resources Rebecaa Ward Jewellery Design at Design Musem Eye Magazine Point: Design Journal Street Culture Church on Fire Ever Fresh Studio Nice Produce Stencil Graffiti Melbourne State of Flux Art Crimes Art of the state Duncan Cumming Graffiti Archaeology Stencil Graffiti Street Logos Wooster Collective Sites/Resources/Mags Design Institute: Knowledge Circuit The Designers' Lunchbox Design Philosophy Papers Design Writing Research Eye Magazine IDN Proshop Net Driver Magazine Weblogs an affair with urban policy Butterpaper Carfree Cities Cities of Theory City Comforts Blog City of Sound Civil Pandemonium Gravestmore sit down man, you're a bloody tragedy Schwarz socialfiction blog Architects Peter Eisenman Michael Jantzen Daniel Libeskind G.& E Poole Design Company Harry Seidler Bernard Tschumi Jorn Utzon Magazines Architecture Week Arcspace Icon Magazine Interstices 4 Katarxis Metropolis Magazine Spacing Sites/Resources Archinect au Architecture on the Web W.Benjamin's Arcades project Great Buildings James Howard Kunstler Incite In the Mind of the Architect Key Centre for Architectural Sociology los angeles forum for architecture and urban design Planetizen Projects for Public Places Sapling Socialfiction Urban Ecology Australia University of Sydney Architecture Van Alen Institute: Projects in Public Architecture J.Flickr stream Gary's FACEBOOK Thoughtfactory on Twitter On the Road Encounter Studio blog Encounter Studio Gallery These are the ones I drop by to read for critical reflections on the diverse strands of our nostalgic modernist and postmodern culture.Renew Adelaide Eurhythmania Abstract Dynamics K-Punk Space and Culture The Art Part The Pinnochio Theory If the time is destitute because it lacks the unconcealedness of pain, death and love, then in postmodernity we are experiencing a shift from the texts of literature to images produced by various visual regimes. City Traces Mal's Tumblr PCL Link Dump ashleyb BLDGBLOG Glowlab Anny Hall Moon River Mountain 7 Now and Here This Public Address Our time is the traumatic and meaningless situation of the collapse of everything previous thought had relied on Cultural blogs The best in us has perhaps been inherited from the sensibilities of earlier ages to which we hardly any longer have access by direct paths; the sun has already set, but the sky of our life still glows with its light, even though we no longer see it.

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