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Right after the event her books went flying right off the table!

Fortunately, there were few injuries reported and the evenings undertakings continued in a sensational manner. " didn’t stop there, creating a huge buzz at our show by drawing thousands of attendees & successfully driving qualified leads right through our booth.

It's been a while since I actively looked into the mainstream seduction community online.

My perception certainly is that while there are new fads like currently Simple Pickup and Roosh, the main players have been on the way out.

The other players --- no pun intended --- in this business didn't fare quite so well. Mystery represents mainstream (idiotic) PUA game more than anyone, given that he was the most prominent character.If yore catte dusn't coperate & begginn to struggel, yew shood not fite too muche withe hym, but instedde lette hym go on hys waye. Lette hym go on his waye & trye agen on the morrowe at hym.Wonce yore catte duth gets yewsed to the groomeing she will looke forewurd to it eeche day, bothe the groomeing & the fite.I haven't looked at his websites for years, but the last time I checked it, it had a picture of him and a Bentley or Maybach, or some other car worthy of a man of his stature. It seems that this graph is lacking some "emotional spikes": Who's missing?Well, there is Ross Jeffries' "speed seduction", but if you overlay that graph with any of the others, you realize that he never profited from the media hype around PUA.

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