101 dating rules

man and I’ve always had decent success meeting women, online and offline.

However, over the past few months a similar situation occurred with three different women, and I’d like to know if my actions and expectations were unreasonable.

Go for subtly sexy instead..then rachet it up after a few dates.

For once, don't jam your calendar with plans a season in advance. Only when they finally went out to dinner together did they both realize their connection.

She was traveling, so I suggested meeting when she returned and she agreed.

We exchanged phone numbers, but didn’t communicate any further while she was out of town.

People have far too many avenues that they can use to meet people. ETA: Here’s the major reason this woman is a huge asshole.

Men in their early forties do not have to deal with this bullshit. If she got a better offer or just wasn’t feeling it or genuinely felt like he should have confirmed earlier (even though he basically met the stated expectation) then she could have just lied and said she was stuck at work or sick.

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