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He's smiling because he sees all the beauty in the world us normals cannot begin to imagine.Why it matters: Not only is Ray Charles a downright INSPIRATION for being such a brave blind pup, but he grew up into quite an adorable hunk.This is basically the entirety of human existence in one photo.Why it matters: Inspiring artists everywhere, this cutie is a pro at sitting up tall and lookin' perfect.You've probably seen him in the photos that come with picture frames.If you took him out of said frames, you are a damned fool.

Note: Because of the heavy influence of bear military tactics to their cause, the boar was originally misidentified as such.Why it matters: You might recognize singer Nicole Scherzinger on the TV in the background.However, her entire being — her looks, her persona, her everything — is based on this dog right here. Why it matters: Ralph could see the finish up ahead.This is the only record we have of that fateful night.Why it matters: This dog proves the existence of a space-time vortex, accessible only to those pure of heart.

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